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Where is SelectCore traded and what is the ticker symbol?
SelectCore is currently traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol SCG.

When did SelectCore become a publicly traded company?
SelectCore officially became public on September 25, 2006 following a qualifying transaction with Ribbon Capital Corp., a Capital Pool Company on the TSX Venture Exchange.

How do I buy shares of the Company?
Shares can be purchased through a stockbroker, bank, or generally through any financial institution that provides brokerage services. SelectCore does not offer a direct share purchase program.

How can I be placed on the SelectCore mailing list?
To be placed on SelectCore's mailing list please click here to complete our online investor information request form.

How do I contact SelectCore Investor Relations?
Please click here to access contact information for SelectCore's Investor Relations department.

Who is SelectCore's independent auditor?
SelectCore's auditor is Collins Barrow, Toronto LLP.

What is the SelectCore fiscal year end?
SelectCore's year-end is December 31st.

How can I obtain SelectCore financial reports?
SelectCore financial reports are available online at

How can I obtain a copy of documents filed with the securities commissions?
Canadian securities commissions filings can be accessed by clicking the Sedar Filings link under the Investor Relations section of this website.

Where can I find current stock price quotes or historical share price information on SelectCore?
Stock information can be accessed by clicking the Stock Quote link under the Investor Relations section of this website. Additional information can be found on various public investor websites.

How many shares are issued and outstanding?
There are currently 123,915,365 shares issued and outstanding.

Has SelectCore ever split its shares?
No, SelectCore has never split shares.

Does SelectCore pay a dividend?
No, SelectCore does not currently pay a dividend.

Does SelectCore provide a direct share purchase or dividend reinvestment program?
No, SelectCore does not offer either of these programs.

How do I obtain or modify information regarding my shareholder account?
If you purchased shares through your broker and you have not registered them in your name, please contact your broker. If you hold shares registered in your name, please contact SelectCore's transfer agent: Equity Financial Trust

How can I transfer ownership of my shares?
To transfer ownership of your shares, please contact SelectCore's transfer agent: Equity Financial Trust

If my SelectCore share certificate has been lost, stolen or destroyed, how do I arrange to replace it?
Please contact Equity Transfer Services. One of their representatives will send you the necessary documentation to arrange for a replacement certificate.

How do I contact SelectCore's Transfer Agent?
Equity Financial Trust can be contacted at:
Tel: 1-866-393-4891 x 222
Fax: (416) 361-0470